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Microphone desk stand is an essential part of the podcast equipment. It is not something that you need at the start but eventually you need to get a good one.

If you planning to use a shock mount which is essential to to take care of the noise induced by vibrations , then you will need a good microphone stand to attach the shock mount.

Some microphones also come with their own stand such as Samson Q2U or ATR 2100 , however these stand may lack the required quality and also the flexibility to adjust the height and position. There are many type of stands out there , boom arms that get attached to a desk with a clamp , floor tripod boom arms, tabletop desk stands and more.

Tabletop desk stands or microphone desk stands are more suitable for podcasting and even for YouTube videos. You can select a good looking stand if its going to feature in your video.

We’re going to take a look at the best tabletop desk stands or microphone desk stands for 2021. These are more portable and less expensive than a larger boom arm. The prices for these mic stands range from under $20 to about $70

Microphone desk stand
tabletop microphone stand

Best microphone desk stand for all budgets.

Samson MD5

The Samson MD5 is a pretty basic tabletop mic stand. There are no adjustments but the stand is solid and will do the job.

It is also one of the cheaper stands available in the market.

Heil CB-1 PTT : Best Microphone desk Stand

The Heil CB-1 PTT is comparatively a more premium stand and design and finish reflects that. This stand includes a switch for push-to-talk or push-to-mute along with a 2-foot cable to make that feature work.

Standard 5/8″-27 threading is used for attachments. The base also includes a 4″ riser that sets the microphone at a comfortable, convenient height.

Proline MS112 : Microphone desk stand boom

This is a microphone desk stand boom. Proline MS112 floor or tabletop stand has a stick design. The boom adjusts from 1″ to 9″, height adjusts from 12″ to 17″.

It looks nice on the table and is sturdy enough. You can also use it to record drums when put on floor. It features die-cast metal clutches and a heavy-duty die-cast base.

Rode DS1 Table Top Desk Stand

This stand comes from Rode , a popular microphone brand. The DS1 Table Top Desk Stand is solid stand with some height adjustment and comes with clips to organize the cables.

The DS1 gives you the ability to mount your microphone on a desktop for interview, dictation and other related uses.

Heil SB-2

Heil Sound SB-2 Small Boom is perfect to mount on your Heil mic in close spaces. It’s also great for interviews.

Small and yet robust The SB-2 Small Boom can easily fit into most briefcases, which allows users to take the SB-2 and the mounting C-Clamp and a microphone with a slim line such as Heil Sound PR20. Heil Sound PR20 almost anywhere.

Its stem SB-2 can be removed The stem is also removable, it is also a swivel stand. Heil SB-2 will screw onto an ordinary 5/8”-27 screwed mic stand. A clip for managing cables is attached to the back of the SB-2, to accommodate the microphone cable. The SB-2 is delivered to you using our stealth C-Clamp’ that has our brass insert that is exclusive to us.

  • The SB-2 will work with all the brass-lined Heil accessories for mounting.
  • DT-1 Flush Mount that can be mounted through an 1.5 millimeter hole in the top of the desk.
  • FL-2 Flange Mount is secured to flat surfaces of any kind.
  • WM-1 Wall Mount
  • RS-1 12” Riser Mount

Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821

This is a desktop mini boom stand from Gator Frameworks. The max height is 23″ and the boom section is 16″ long. It features heavy-duty steel construction and a compact weighted base.

Its short stature allows you to easily mic sources that are closer to the ground. The stand fits both US and European mic clips and includes cable management clips. It also features a no-slip vibration-reducing gasket to prevent rumbling noise from infiltrating your signal.

This is a very good budget option for anyone looking for a mini boom stand for microphone.

Bonus content …

You might want to use a shock mount along with your stand to reduce the noise induced due to vibrations . Here is a recommendation for universal shock mounts ..

Rycote InVision Universal shock mount

The Rycote InVision uses a thermoplastic material they call Lyre to suspend the microphone and reduce vibration. The benefit of this is that it’s like silicon and is nearly indestructible, it won’t sag and wear out over time, and it has better sound isolation by 12dB!

The microphone attaches by 4 screws with rubber tips. This allows you to easily attach microphones with different shapes and sizes easily, even if they aren’t round. There’s also a microphone cable clip to help reduce sound caused by the cable touching your boom.

There are actually 3 models of the InVision:

USM (Universal Shock Mount)
USM-L (Lite)
USM-VB (Very Big?)

You can use below links to buy these shock mounts.

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