Podcaster Maron

Podcaster Maron is known for his weekly podcast show “WTF with Marc Maron“. For more than a quarter of a century, Marc Maron has been creating and performing honest, raw and stimulating comedy.

The year was September 2009. Marc made a mark on the Podcast landscape with his debut show WTF by Marc Maron with Marc Maron, which features Marc’s revealing conversations with legendary people like Conan O’Brien, Terry Gross, Robin Williams, Keith Richards, Ben Stiller, Lorne Michaels, and the President Barack Obama.

The show became a global phenomenon that had more than six million downloads per month and more than 25 million total downloads in the first six years.

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Podcaster Maron

An icon in the comedy scene, Podcaster Marc Maron has been on a wide range of television talk shows throughout the years. These include David Letterman and Craig Ferguson as well as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

He has also appeared on Seth Meyers and Bill Maher. Only one other comic has made more appearances on Conan O’Brien than him.

He may presently be seen in the Netflix original series GLOW, in which he plays the title role. Both Critics’ Choice and SAG Awards nominated him for his performance as Sam Sylvia in 2018. IFC broadcast Marc’s four-season, critically acclaimed, half-hour scripted series.

A WGA Award nomination was made in 2016 for the programme, which was written, produced, and developed by Marc. His television credits include appearances on the popular shows Girls and Louie.

His two books are The Jerusalem Syndrome (based on his solo performance and available for purchase on Amazon.com) and an essay collection titled Attempting Normal (published by Spiegel & Grau in 2013), both of which are available for purchase.

This Has To Be Funny and the other three albums he released in the ’90s, such as Not Sold Out and Tickets Still Available, are all comedic classics. It was aired on Netflix in 2013 and as a stand-up special Thinky Pain in 2014.

Epix presented his most recent special, More Later, in December 2015; it’s since been made accessible on Hulu and Amazon Prime as well as other streaming services.

WTF with Marc Maron

Following are the links to podcaster maron WTF with Marc Maron show on various platforms.

Podcaster Maron
  1. Host website : wtfpodcast.com
  2. Apple Podcast
  3. Spotify
  4. Google playstore app
  5. Sticherpremium

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