What is use of Podcast ?

What is a podcast used for ? Almost Everything !

Podcasts are slowly but steadily becoming mainstream communication in many areas. Podcasts are basically a piece of audio that you can download and listen to anywhere you want , whenever you want. All you need is a smart phone and internet access.

What is podcast used for ?

Well the answer depends on who you are !! , yes the perspective changes depending upon whether you are a listener or a podcaster. Our article on What is a podcast explains the concepts of listener and podcaster in greater detail , you can read it first before you proceed on reading this article. There are so many podcast topics and everyone can find his/her favorite.

What is Podcast Used For ?

Use of podcasts for listeners

Listener is someone who is interested in a particular topic or someone who wants to learn something or may be just want to get entertained. In any case, the podcast for you, is used for listening to what you want.

As a listener podcasts are a great tool to listen to anything on your area of interest. You can chose whom you want to listen to , when you want to listen and where you want to listen.

It can sports , science , cooking , art , commerce, name any field and niche and you will find a podcast to listen to. Just download any pod-catcher and you are ready to go.

If you are interested you can read our article on How to Listen to Podcast to get the complete picture.

Use of podcast for general podcasters

General podcasters are basically people who are interested in getting themselves heard. The best part about podcasting is anybody can make it !!.

If you are someone who want to share your knowledge with everyone across the world you can use the podcast.

If you want to host a talk show or you want to make online tutorials or music demos , you want to create educational training sessions , tell stories , host a comedy show, conduct debates on various topics well all you need is to start a podcast.

Podcast is really useful in all these and many more scenarios and is probably the lowest cost and least resistance path to getting across to a wide audience.

Use a podcast to tell your story. It was never easier before !

Use of podcast for business communications

Podcast are also an effective tool for business communication and advertisement in general. If you are a large business you can use the podcast for training , regular corporate communication channel , announce product launches and many other things.

You can also host a podcast on something related to your business to attract the audience and then drive them to your business site or product to make a sales pitch.

Use of podcast for internet marketing

There are various ways in which you can use the podcast as an internet marketing tool. You can do affiliate marketing , email list building by using your podcast.

A good podcast will create your own loyal audience. You can always recommend them certain products or services and earn commissions from that as an affiliate marketer.

You can host product news and reviews to recommend these products to your audience to earn some money.

You can hold a free podcast to guide your audience to purchase a more premium content n terms of a video course or a training course.

Well the possibilities are endless , you can use podcast a a tool to do any form of internet / affiliate marketing.

Use of podcast as a side hustle to your blog

If you already have a blog , then you can use podcast to drive traffic to your blog. You can generate a large audience and over period of time this audience can become a repeat visitor to your blog.

It can add great value to your blog , enhance the content availability and also drive traffic.

Use of podcast as a part of a bigger training program

If you are having a training program running over a long period of time , then you can use series of podcast to keep your students/participants engaged.

It can be a regular status review or discussions on problem faced by participants or hints about things to come.


Well there are so many things the podcasts are useful for.

This new method of audio file distribution has opened an array of communication and marketing opportunities to anyone interested.

People are adopting podcasting in many more ways than ever imagined and employing it in really powerful and creative ways.

Welcome to your podcasting journey with quickstartpodcast team.

Below paragraphs have links to all our posts in a logical manner starting from being a podcast listener to being a podcast creator.

The podcast Listener phase :

The podcasting journey generally begins with various questions such as what is a podcast , what a podcast is used for ? how to listen to a podcast , what are the best android and iOS apps to listen to podcast .

Depending upon the things that you like you will search for fiction podcasts , educational podcasts etc. Most of the people restrict their journey in podcasting to this level. They just end up being listeners to podcasts. Some of then take the next leap of faith and decide to start their own podcast.

Podcast creator Phase :

How to start your podcast ? is the main question they are faced with . Once that you have decided to start a podcast , what should be the name of the podcast , what should be the podcast format , which podcasting niche should you chose , what should be episode titles , what are popular podcast formats and what should be mine and so on ..

What is the right equipment for creating a podcast , what are the best XLR , USB , Condenser and dynamic microphones available. Can I record my podcast in an iPHONE , What should be the polar pattern , should I use an audio interface or a mixer , do I need a POP filter . There are so many question . How much podcasting will cost me , what are different setups based on my budget.

Once you in the journey of podcasting you will need to decide how should be a great podcast intro , how to record the podcast , how to record podcast online , how to test the mic , what should be length and frequency of my podcast , how to make great sounding podcasts and finally how to make money from podcasting ? ..

Whats is a podcast host and do I need one ?? , Uploading podcasts to google podcast and Apple podcasts are also crucial steps.

The journey starts from being a podcast listener going all the way to being a great podcast creator and quickstartpodcast is there with you in all this journey.

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