Just Thinking Podcast : Best podcast with contemporary issues and ideas from a biblical perspective

Just Thinking podcast hosted by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker, two Christian apologists who seek to engage contemporary issues and ideas from a biblical perspective.

The podcast began in 2017 and has since gained a large and loyal following. Each episode, Harrison and Walker tackle a wide range of topics, including theology, philosophy, culture, and current events. They bring a refreshing blend of wit, wisdom, and humor to their discussions, making their podcast a thought-provoking and enjoyable listen.

Just thinking podcast

One of the things that sets Just Thinking podcast apart is the hosts’ commitment to rigorous thinking and careful argumentation. They take the time to carefully research and consider the issues they discuss, and they are not afraid to tackle controversial or difficult subjects. They also seek to interact with and engage with their listeners, often inviting guests on the show or responding to listener questions and feedback.

In addition to their weekly just thinking podcast, Harrison and Walker also offer a variety of resources on their website, including articles, blog posts, and video content. They also host live events and workshops, providing opportunities for their listeners to engage with them in person.

Overall, Just Thinking is a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. Whether you are a seasoned Christian seeking to deepen your understanding of faith, or someone simply looking for thoughtful and engaging discussions on a wide range of topics, Just Thinking is well worth a listen.

Popular episodes of Just Thinking Podcast

1 . Honest Conversations about Race :  This podcast episode is about  having honest conversations about the intersection of race, class, and faith.

2 . We are not calling people to arms :  This episode is an effort to help us better understand the place guns should occupy in our lives.

3 . Why I Call myself a Progressive Evangelical : On this episode, Darrell talks about why he calls himself a “progressive evangelical”.

4 . The Social Gospel versus the Evangelical Gospel : On this podcast episode we discuss what it means to be saved by God’s grace through faith alone AND THEN go on to talk about how that applies to society as a whole. We also address some of the common critiques of social gospel thought and behavior (e.g., American civil religion; consumerism; individual…).

5 . Living in Progressive Christian Community : How does progressive Christianity work in practice? What would it look like to live in community with others who hold similar theological views? This episode looks into that question.

6. The Lost Art of Suffering Well : This episode discusses the lost art of suffering well. We share our experiences with pain, talk about mental illness, and discuss the connection between faith and personal pain.

7. What is Heaven? What is Hell? On this episode we address two common Christian responses to questions about heaven & hell: 1) “I don’t believe in either”; 2) “I believe in both”. We take issue with these views for several reasons. Each view makes Christ’s work on the cross unintelligible or superfluous, neither view actually provides real comfort to someone who has lost a loved one, etc…

8 . What does it mean to be ‘born again’? : This episode discusses what Scripture actually has to say about being ‘born again’. (Hint: The answer doesn’t include hearing a message about Jesus or religious conversion experiences).

9 . Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? : On this podcast episode we discuss the question of why bad things happen to good people. We also talk about problem of evil theology, the free will defense, free grace theology, etc…

10 . Traveling with Jesus : This episode looks at how travel impacts Christian beliefs. We talk about the way in which travel – especially around the world or between different cultures/religions – can impact our religious beliefs.

11 . The Prodigal God : This teaching podcast episode discusses the parable of “The Prodigal Son”. We spend some time looking at different ways to interpret this story, but mainly focus on how it relates to human nature and our relationship to God.

12 . Why Jesus Matters: This episode discusses what Scripture has to say regarding Jesus’ person & work. What did Jesus actually claim about himself? How did he fulfill Old Testament prophecy? Is there any evidence that what Jesus said was true?

Just Thinking Podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Facebook. Stay updated by following us on social media (links in the sidebar) or sign up for our newsletter at  www.justthinkingpodcast.org .

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